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The Everett Page Award for Volunteer of the Year 2023

Lillian Cravotta-Crouch is the 2023 recipient of the Everett Page Volunteer of the Year Award. When the board found out that Lillian Cravotta-Crouch had never received the Everett Page Volunteer of the Year Award, they were surprised, because of the number of years of service to our organization that she has put in with so much vigor, strength, and hope.

She has been president on two occasions, as well as vice president twice. She is a board member, fundraising and activities chair, a member of the Share Care committee, captain of the NAMIWalk DBSA Boston team, Family & Friends facilitator, and many other things she has done through her 17 years with us.

We thank her for everything she has done and continues to do for DBSA Boston, but also for helping to fight stigma against mental illness in her everyday life.

2023 Awards

The Everett Page Award for Volunteer of the Year 2023

Lillian Cravotta-Crouch


Special Service Awards

Jennifer Frantz, Chuck Weinstein


Heavy Lifting Award

Amanda G.


Unsung Hero Award

Peter Liberman

2022 Awards

The Everett Page Award for Volunteer of the Year 2022

Michele O’Shea


Facilitators and Technical Buddies Honored for their Service to DBSA Boston July 2021–June 2022.

DBSA Boston is indebted to these amazing volunteers because without their kind and generous gift of their time, we would not be able to offer the number and variety of peer facilitated support groups that we offer. Huge THANK YOU!

Adriana, Alan, Alexander, Alisa, Allison, Amanda, Andrew, Anthony, Beth, Brian , Bruce, Caitlin, Christian, Chuck, Cynthia, Dana Zoe, Danielle, David, Elizabeth, Emily, Eric, Eric, Frank, Greg, James, Jennifer, Joe, John, Khare, Laura, Libby, Lillian, Louise, Martha, Martin, Meach, Megan, Michael, Michele, Nadya, Nancy, Nat, Nathan, Rachel, Rebecca, Richard, Rose, Sara, Sylvia, Tom, Victoria, Walker


DBSA Boston Heavy-Lifting Awards: Special Volunteer Awards for Exceptional Support of Our Organization

Joe Battenfeld, David E. Crane, Meach Cravotta-Crouch, Greg D’Abramo, Jennifer Frantz, Bruce Greene, Mary Johnston, Khare, Susan Reynolds, Alisa Stepanian, Christian Tiongson

June 2021 Awards

Special Service Awards

Allison Ryan, Andrew Fishman, Anthony Eden, Brian Price, CJ Pizzano, Casey McCarthy, Cynthia Piltch, Danielle Guinan, Emily Nicholson, Eric Rocher, Eric Stout, Frank Petrucci, Joe Battenfeld, John Dorr, Kate Rosenfeld, Libby Lazar, Louise Goldstein, Nadya Greenberg, Nancy Sharby, Nathalie Reid, Patricia Shea, Robert Walker, Rose Amrhein, Vee Vincent


Heavy Lifting Award

David Crane


Everett Page Volunteer of the Year Award

Meach Cravotta-Crouch

September 2020 Awards

Special Service Awards

Abe Jordan, Adriana, Bob Hanflig, Bruce Greene, Christian Tiongson, Chuck Weinstein, David Crane, Kim Harol, Lillian Cravotta-Crouch, Mary Johnston, Michael Wantman, Michele O’Shea, Rachel Freudenburg, Ray Magnan, Susan Reynolds, Sylvia Kirsch


Heavy Lifting Awards

Alan Kravitz, Alisa Stepanian, Chhean Saur, Greg D’Abramo, Jennifer Frantz, Meach Cravotta-Crouch, Peter Liberman


Everett Page Volunteer of the Year Award


2019 Awards

Champions Award for McLean’s BHP Program

On June 12, 2019 the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Boston (DBSA) honored McLean Hospital’s Behavioral Health Partial Hospital Program (BHP) with its Champions Award. DBSA presented the award at a ceremony held in the de Marneffe Building on McLean’s Belmont campus. DBSA awarded a commemorative plaque to BHP, and BHP staff members received baseball caps with the DBSA logo.

Read more here: https://www.mcleanhospital.org/news/behavioral-health-partial-hospital-program-honored-first-annual-champions-award