The Everett Page Award for Volunteer of the Year 2022

Michele O’Shea is this year’s recipient of the Everett Page Volunteer of the Year Award. Each year the board selects someone who has gone above and beyond; and no one could be more deserving. This award is given honor of Everett Page, who was one of DBSA Boston’s founders; and, I believe, we wouldn’t be where we are today if not for him. I know he would be pleased with our choice.

Michele has been with DBSA Boston since 1996; and not long after that she became a facilitator. She went on to serve in so many positions, I’m not sure if I’m naming them all. She served as a Board Member, Vice President, President, Secretary, as well as being a member of Share Care for years. When something needs to be done, we can always count on her to do it. So, thank you Michele for all you have done for us!

June 2022 Awards

Facilitators and Technical Buddies Honored for their Service to DBSA Boston July 2021–June 2022.

DBSA Boston is indebted to these amazing volunteers because without their kind and generous gift of their time, we would not be able to offer the number and variety of peer facilitated support groups that we offer. Huge THANK YOU!

Adriana, Alan, Alexander, Alisa, Allison, Amanda, Andrew, Anthony, Beth, Brian , Bruce, Caitlin, Christian, Chuck, Cynthia, Dana Zoe, Danielle, David, Elizabeth, Emily, Eric, Eric, Frank, Greg, James, Jennifer, Joe, John, Khare, Laura, Libby, Lillian, Louise, Martha, Martin, Meach, Megan, Michael, Michele, Nadya, Nancy, Nat, Nathan, Rachel, Rebecca, Richard, Rose, Sara, Sylvia, Tom, Victoria, Walker

DBSA Boston Heavy-Lifting Awards: Special Volunteer Awards for Exceptional Support of Our Organization

Joe Battenfeld, David E. Crane, Meach Cravotta-Crouch, Greg D’Abramo, Jennifer Frantz, Bruce Greene, Mary Johnston, Khare, Susan Reynolds, Alisa Stepanian, Christian Tiongson