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Members’ Creativity

DBSA Boston Community Showcase

The DBSA Boston community includes artists of many genres. Here we are showcasing visual arts and poetry.

Visual Arts

Watercolors by Barbara Stahler

“Mind as Spacious as the Sky” May 2020, watercolor on yupo paper, 5 ½” x 7”, card. My meditation teacher meditating and leading the class on Zoom. © 2021

“Riding the Wave” 2006,
watercolor and handmade papers,
5 3/8” x 7 9/16”, card © 2021

Woven Basket by Rachel Freundenberg

Here is a photo of my basket, titled ‘Imperfect,’ made from an old telephone cord. Working on this basket helped me embrace, or at least accept, imperfection. And it helped me ignore the pressure of perfection. I wanted the sides to be perfectly straight, but the telephone cord kept twisting and sliding down and simply wouldn’t make the ideal, smooth shape I had in mind. Instead, it’s uneven and slumped and just a little weird.

The journey to a piece of art is not a perfectly straight path, kind of like life. I go through day after day with my health and household routines, just as the cord coils round and round in circles. But some days are better than others, some days I don’t perform my health regimen perfectly. Nevertheless, if I go through enough days, it all adds up to something beautiful, or at least interesting.

Self-Acceptance by Barbara Stahler-Sholk

English translation of the original Spanish poem

I long to release myself from my illusions of my own unfulfilled expectations.
I long to release myself from my intense anger, jealousy, bitterness and attitude of victimization.
Perhaps by doing so, I will fly into my own affectionate arms of self-acceptance and discover new avenues of joy.

Self Portrait & Trees by Arthur Stead

Backlit White Lily & Backlit Blue Lily by Leah H.

Painted Snowman Stone & Painted Hope Stone by Amanda Grant


The Four Seasons

By Frank Qu

The Sun Rise Shining
As Seeds Grow in The Wet Dirt
Life Reborn Once More

The Sun Radiates
Birds Are Chirping Bittersweet
Flowers Are Blooming

Brown Leaves Are Falling
Fruits Are Ready To Be Picked
The Sun Grows Darker

A Bitter Cold Day
Bells Ring As The Sunlight Fades
Passing. A Year’s End

A Safe Place by JMD

A place we can be free.
A place just to be.
Someone’s kind heart.
The love we know from the start.

The walls of hate torn down.
Getting rid of that old frown.
The love of life.
Getting rid of the strife.

Lending a hand.
Meditating on your favorite band.
It puts a smile on your face.
Yes, that is a safe place.

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Please email your submissions to news@dbsaboston.org, including your name, email address, and phone number in case the editor has questions. Author/artist name will be withheld from publication upon request.