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President’s Message

June 1, 2024

Dear Friends,

It’s June, and two years have passed since I became president of DBSA Boston. Thank you all for your support.

Besides keeping DBSA Boston running smoothly, one of my main goals was to resume in-person groups in the Boston area. The Downtown group accomplished this some time ago, with no input from me. Kudos to Greg, Alan, Rachel, Michael W., and everyone who has made that possible.

Since he is running unopposed, it is no secret that Joe Battenfeld will be our next president. Let me take this opportunity to introduce him to all of you that haven’t had the pleasure.

Joe was born in Tampa, Florida, but grew up in Keene, New Hampshire. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire.

He has lived in Boston for the last 30 years and has two daughters, three cats, and three turtle doves. He enjoys bird watching.

Joe started attending DBSA Boston meetings about 10 years ago, then took the training and became a facilitator. In 2020, he was chosen to join the Share Care committee and became a tech buddy.

Joe and I joined the board in 2020. Two years ago he became vice president and started leading Share Care. As I’ve watched him fulfill that role, he has acted with compassion and wisdom.

Finally, to our dedicated facilitators and tech buddies: you are the heart and soul of DBSA Boston. Without you, DBSA Boston wouldn’t exist. I offer you my deepest and sincerest gratitude.

I look forward to serving on the board as the Immediate Past President.

Mary Johnston

DBSA Boston President

Last updated: 06/03/2024