Current List of Committees and Contact Information

Committees for General Membership

Executive Committee: The Executive committee is composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President of the DBSA Boston Board of Directors. The Executive Committee concerns itself with matters outside of the ordinary course of business that must be acted upon before the next meeting of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee also meets regularly with the executive group from the Cole Resource Center, as well as a liaison from McLean Hospital, to discuss issues that impact both organizations. Chair:

Activities Committee: This committee plans and staffs all activities. Chair:

Audit Committee: The audit committee oversees DBSA Boston’s financial statements and reporting. Chair: Open

Awards and Recognition Committee: This committee advises the board in the selection of people to be honored by various awards. They research options and costs of gifts and awards, receive a budget from the board, procure the awards, and report back to the board. Every two months they profile a volunteer in the Polars’ Express, to shine a spotlight on their incredible talent and service. Chair:

Communications Committee: This committee gathers and edits all content for the website, eBlasts, and Polars’ Express eNews. Chair:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee: The purpose of this committee is to develop and promote strategies and best practices within the realms of racial, social, sexual, and gender diversity. We are committed to working with DBSA leadership, volunteers, and the local mental health community at large to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for all our members and guests in all our peer support groups and sponsored activities. Learn more about the DEI. Chair: Nichole Monique Beede

Fundraising Committee: We support the organization by planning fundraisers. Chair:

Membership Committee: This committee organizes membership drives. Chair:

Nominating Committee: The Nominating committee focuses on finding qualified candidates to run for open board positions.

Speakers’ Series Committee: This committee invites speakers to talk about their area of expertise and insights. Co-Chairs: and

Tech Committee: This committee decides on policies and procedures related to DBSA online Zoom meetings and trains facilitators, tech buddies, and participants on the technical aspects of a DBSA Zoom meeting. Chair:

Committees for Facilitators

Share Care Committee: This committee is responsible for creating, supporting, and maintaining our support groups. The committee supports facilitators in all aspects of group leadership. Learn more about the Share Care Committee.

Training Committee: This committee organizes and supports all training within the organization. Chair:

Last updated: 07/16/2024