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DBSA Boston Speakers’ Series Friday, February 25, 2022, 6 p.m. EDT

The Cole Resource Center (CRC)
Maggie Tyler, Emily Rhinelander, Ellen Faran

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The Cole Resource Center (CRC) is an education and recovery community of peers and family members, dedicated to helping people affected by mental health challenges lead full and healthy lives.

For 25 years, the CRC has offered educational and practical materials along with compassionate care from people who have faced similar challenges. The Center focuses on first-hand experience and works in close partnerships with other communities devoted to creating healthy pathways for peers and families. Come learn what the Cole Resource Center can offer you.

Maggie Tyler is dedicated to volunteer work in mental health. She has 25 years of management experience in real estate and is a founding member of the Women’s Mental Health Leadership Council at McLean.

Emily Hewitt Rhinelander’s experience on behalf of her daughter with the mental health care system gives her a passion for the work of CRC. Her professional work was in fundraising and development in higher education.

Ellen Faran held senior positions in book and journal publishing including as Director of the MIT Press from 2003–2015. She has been an instructor at NAMI’s Family-to-Family course and at the National Council on Behavioral Health.

Speakers’ Series Chair: Mary Johnston

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