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DBSA Boston Speakers’ Series Friday, May 27, 2022, 6 p.m. EDT

“Introduction to Waverley Place, Belmont,”
Dave Weene and Razak Muballe

Click here to watch a recording of the talk.

Waverley Place is a community support program of McLean Hospital located in Belmont, MA. The staff at Waverley Place practices the philosophy of love, empathy, compassion, kindness, and non-judgment. They offer many groups and activities, including meditation, writing, and games.

David Weene has worked as a Certified Peer Specialist at Waverley Place for over 10 years. He uses his lived experience with a mental health challenge to help others going through similar experiences. He runs groups and activities, and works one on one. Previously, he worked at the Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation teaching various topics in psychiatric recovery.

David graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in English and Communications. He is an award-winning artist whose mediums include glass, clay, encaustic, and water-soluble oils, as well as others. David once sewed a pair of pajamas that he still wears to this day!

Razak Muballe is a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) at Waverley Place. Previously he worked at the Boston Medical Center and PeerSupportLine. There he shared his recovery story to build rapport as well as motivate clients, provide peer support, and share resources. He also worked as a CPS at the BEST TEAM North Suffolk Mental Health Association. At Waverley Place he currently co-facilitates a recovery group and a men’s group.

Speakers’ Series Chair: Mary Johnston

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