Mindfulness Meditation Circle (with an optional discussion group)

Where: Zoom


Welcome to the peer-led DBSA Boston Mindfulness Meditation circle. It’s free and open to all.

The Alpaca (in a rabbit hole) represents the group’s acronym for cultivating mindfulness: ALPACA (Awareness, Loving and Peaceful Acceptance, Constructive Action). The rabbit hole reminds us to keep exploring with curiosity. Thanks to Rivka, Scott, Carolyn, Jules, and others in the group!

Where: In-Person at the Department of Mental Health, Boston


This is an in-person sing-along group open to all DBSA members.

  • Everyone is invited to come and sing.
  • Songbooks with lyrics and chords will be provided.
  • Those who play are encouraged to bring their guitar (mandolin, ukulele, or other acoustic instruments).

This will be held at the same location as the Thursday In-person Group:

The Boston Conference Room
Erich Lindemann Mental Health Center Mass. Department of Mental Health
25 Staniford St., Boston, MA

Located near:
Green Line: Government Center
Red Line: Charles St. /MGH
Blue Line: Bowdoin

Contact Michael.W@dbsaboston.org with any questions.

Evening Zoom Groups

New passcode effective February 15, 2024. Email ZoomInfo@dbsaboston.org for the new passcode.

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Mania and Bipolar
Young Adults (18 to 35-ish)
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