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Speakers’ Series: Wednesday, October 9, 7:30 p.m. EDT

October 09, 2019: “Recreational and Medical Marijuana: Potential Implications for Adolescent and Psychiatric Populations,” Jodi Gilman, PhD, and Randi Schuster, PhD.

This lecture presents a broad overview of the science of cannabis, focusing on the evidence of risks associated with cannabis use. We discuss key issues, such as the effects of cannabis on the brain, why early age of initiation of cannabis use is detrimental, the effects of cannabis on cognition and IQ, the relationship between cannabis use and mental illness, and whether or not cannabis should be considered “medicine.” We also address key issues raised by the changing legal status of cannabis in the United States.

Dr. Jodi M. Gilman is a neuroscientist with expertise in the effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain, especially in young adults, and is currently conducting a clinical trial of medical marijuana. Dr. Randi Schuster is a clinically trained neuropsychologist with a range of expertise in cognitive testing and on the effects of cannabis and other substances on the adolescent brain.

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