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Supporter Appreciation

Shuley Nakamura Charitable Foundation supports DBSA Boston

Shuley Cup is a competitive, invite-only hockey tournament presented by the Shuley Nakamura Charitable Foundation to raise money for worthy charitable organizations. The 11th edition of Shuley Cup took place at Simoni Rink in Cambridge, MA the weekend of November 8-10, 2019.

In 2019, the foundation continued with the theme of playing for organizations that work to reduce the incidence of mental illness-related tragedies, provide support to those directly and indirectly affected, and educate the broader community. They selected DBSA Boston as one of the four organizations to support in 2019.

Corporate Supporter: HP Hood

Thank you, HP Hood, for your wonderful donation of Ice Cream, our event main attraction, for the 2019 annual April Ice Cream Social