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The 30th Anniversary party was held by DBSA Boston at McLean Hospital on October 21st, 2015. It celebrated 30 years of service from 1985-2015. The party was a tremendous success thanks to the 30th Anniversary Committee and the many helpers.

This web page contains videos at the top and a slideshow at the bottom.

Below are the videos of the speakers that participated at the Anniversary party. They are between 3-5 minutes long.


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    Dennis Hagler, Treasurer DBSA Boston
    Lucinda Jewell, Member of the Board of Directors, DBSA Boston
    Anne Whitman, PhD
    Co-Founder of the Cole Resource Center
    Lillian Cravotta Crouch, Vice President, DBSA Boston
    Steve Lappen
    Cynthia Pilch
    Ken Heideman
    Evie Barkin, Executive Director of the Cole Resource Center
    Mary Jo Fortes
    Kenny Duncan
    Christian and Karen
    Carter West
    Louise Goldstein
    Michelle O’Shea, Immediate Past President
    Everett Page, President Emeritus
    Carol Goldman, Co-Host


    Below is a slideshow that was shown at the Anniversary party.


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